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How voodoo love spells work
How love spells work and what they will do for you

Before getting into how Voodoo love spells work it’s important to understand a few facts about Voodoo itself. When many people hear the term Voodoo they automatically think of black magic, dark rituals and bad curses. In truth, Voodoo is simply an African religion and the word itself meaning ‘spirit’. So while there is dark magic associated with Voodoo, there is also white magic. That means you’ll find Voodoo love spells that work using both the dark and white varieties of magic.

Popular Voodoo Love Spells

Voodoo believes there are no accidents when it comes to life and what you do to others will happen to you. With that said, many who do Voodoo love spells often have the best intentions. By not look out for the interest of others, or to perform spells for dark purposes, it could come back to haunt them at a later date.

Voodoo Love Spells #1 - One of the most powerful voodoo love spells around is designed to bring you true love and it’s known as the Peacock Lover Spell. For this Voodoo love spell it involves writing the name of the person you love 13 times on a sheet of parchment paper of any color. You then place the paper under your pillow with the peacock feather and call out the person’s name 13 times for three nights. On the forth night you take a 13-minute bath with the right incense and oils while concentrating on the object of your desire. You then hide the paper and make sure your potential lover finds the feather. With Voodoo love spells where touch is involved it’s important the object of your affection is the first one to touch the feather. Otherwise you won’t get the effect you’re seeking. As for supplies, it’s important to go to a trusted priest.

Voodoo Love Spells #2 - Another of the popular Voodoo love spells originated in Egypt. Just take a piece of hair from the person you love and one of your own. After you have both hairs put them in a bag (plastic is fine) and face north. Close your eyes and imagine the person you want to be with you. After that, tightly pack the bag in a piece of paper. Toss it into a river, lake or sea while you keep your lover in mind. Although this is one of the Voodoo love spells that won’t work immediately you should notice changes after 40 days.

Voodoo Love Spells #3 - One of the most popular Voodoo love spells for marriage is rather easy to do. Get a red rose. Write the name of the person you love on the petals and then dip them in rose water. After that, throw the petals outside the house of the person you love.

Types of Voodoo Love Spells

Powerful Voodoo love spells come in all kinds of varieties – true love spells, attraction spells, marriage spells, sex and lust spells, romance spells and reuniting spells to name a few. Some Voodoo love spells operate through talismans or amulets. Others require no objects other than the supplies needed for the Voodoo love spells themselves.

Word of Warning About Voodoo Love Spells

Any Voodoo priest or priestess will tell you that Voodoo love spells are not child’s play. If you’re trying to perform Voodoo love spells and have no education or background on the subject they may fail, work against you or perhaps have deadly consequences. It’s best to avoid negative Voodoo love spells because it can be harmful and reverse on you. So it’s important that any Voodoo love spells you do are for positive purpose and not for negative work.