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Free protection Spell
Cast a free Voodoo spell today


3 small white candles
1 Coconut (you only need half of the hard shell)
3 ts garlic powder
1 clove of garlic
1 ts catnip
1 ts juniper berries
1 ts lemon balm
1 Banana Leaf
A piece of orange peel from a fresh orange
A picture of yourself
Matches, made out of wood
1 large bowl of water

How to cast the free voodoo protection spell

1. Lay the banana leaf in front of you and use it as your altar
2. Put the Coconut shell bowl on it
3. Place the candles behind the coconut shell bowl
4. Put your picture in front of the coconut shell bowl
5. Light the candles with 1 match and invite positivity into your life
6. Put the garlic powder, garlic clove, catnip, juniper berries, lemon balm, orange peel into the coconut shell
7. Take the first candle into your right hand
8. Drop 13 drops of wax on your wish list while focusing on your wishes and calling upon Ma'man Brigit.
9. Using the same candle drop 7 drops of wax into the coconut shell bowl on top of the ingredients. Put the candle back.
10. Take the 3 chicken feet and lay them on top of the ingredients into the coconut shell bowl
11. Take the second candle into your right hand and repeat step 8 and 9.
12. Take the third candle and repeat step 8 and 9.
13. Use one match and put it into the coconut shell bowl (while it is burning). Nature will decide if the ingredients will burn or not... let nature take it's course but make sure you are not causing a fire, extinguish the flames with water from the water bowl if necessary)
14. Let the candles burn itself out
15. Add the candle left overs to the coconut shell bowl
16. Put your picture on top of it
17. Wrap everything into the banana leaf and close it with the thread
18. Bury the Package under a tree after sunset