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Free SpIritual cleansing spell
Cast a free Voodoo spell today


3 small white candles
7 ts lavender flowers
7 rose buds
1 cup almond milk
3 ts olive oil
A white wash cloth
A white towel
Something white to wear
A piece of orange peel from a fresh orange
Matches, made out of wood

How to do a spiritual cleansing

1. Light the candles with 1 match and invite positivity into your life (this ritual is performed in the bath room)
2. Draw a bath and add the lavender flowers, rose buds, almond milk and olive oil to it.
3. Emerge yourself in the water and cleanse yourself througoutly with the white wash cloth
4. Stay in the water for at least 13 minutes
5. Use a white towel to dry your body and wear something white
6. While releasing the water back to nature blow off the candles and release all negative energies, thoughts and feelings